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Our Last Night

Quiet as the moonlit water
is your breath of sleep,
I gave you my love,
my heart to keep
The scent of you
I gently breathe
as the whispering wind
Talks through the trees.
Telling them secrets
from far off lands.
Oh so gently
I pick up your hand.
One night with me,
God I can’t breathe
A lifetime is now
just a memory.
Time was our friend
if only it stilled,
My soul was at peace
my heart was fulfilled.
And now this night
will be our last,
Oh how quickly
these hours pass.
Think of me
every now and then,
Perhaps our time
will come again.

Your Shadow


Each time I close my window, I can’t avoid not thinking of you and feel the pain for I can see your shadow.
Time passes by, but the laughter we have shared and tears in our eyes, each time one of us have to say good bye, is something that will remain inside of me for a while.
I haven’t found a friend that is as sweet as you and the simple things I do for you that makes me feel like I have done so much to make you smile that sweet.
I always feel you in my heart maybe because you’re the one I have that I count to the last, we might disagree with some things but in the end we end up smiling or giggling.
I am sad when you leave me without clue I am hurt to find out that I haven’t got a chance to say good bye to you.
However, I know in my heart that you choose not to let me know, because you know I will be hurt.
I am okay though, but I still can see your shadow when you turned around like you use to. I love you even if I can’t no longer see you



Here I am
I am lost and curious
I am insecure
I need to learn new things

I take a look around my room
I realize how sick it makes me feel
Sometimes I wish to go out
But most of the time I hate the light

I’m always tired,
I never do anything productive
I stay in my room listening to music
Slow depressing music

I am changing
My life is changing
Yesterday I was thinking
And it confused me more

I try to communicate with the voices
But none of them answer me
When and how they come and go
I do not know

When I am in my room alone
I lock the door and turn off the light
It looks completely dark
and just like in real life
I can’t even see myself

Life is Love


By the time I was in 10th grade I also had it all, I was the most popular girl at school, had many friends, the guys liked me, even the teachers loved me and I was not an obedient student to begin with.
But sometimes you just have to lose it all to know that you never really had anything to begin with, so I thank God He allowed me to go through what I went through just so I could realize what life actually is!
Life is bigger than who I am, life is better than who I am, I can only be happy eternally with the only source of Love that will keep me eternally satisfied.
These things happen for a reason, and it will work for your own good, if you allow God to do His work in you. He is Love!

Step By Step


I’m learning to be strong
And I’m learning to be brave
And I’m learning to be positive again

I’m learning to bear and tolerate
And I’m learning not to be stubborn
And I’m learning not to give up easily

And I’m learning, though it sometimes really hurts me
Not to see the bad in everything
And I’m learning to find God in my life

When I am depressed or not
And I’m learning that it’s much
Much easier to be who you are, not who people wants you to be.